We want to share with you our – EVS volunteer LIAUDA’S impressions!

We want to share with you our – EVS volunteer LIAUDA’S impressions! 150 150 adminas

I have left to do my EVS in Spain very quickly – when my plan to start PHD in Istambul collapsed. I was looking for opportunities to spend a year interesting and useful, and next year I could finally begin my PHD studies in Turkey. Then I saw AEGEE-Leon advertisement looking for a volunteer who would like to “write” projects. On the same day I sent my CV, the next day I spoke with the project coordinator – tutor and the next day looking for a sending organization in Lithuania. I’m very lucky that I have written to a projects manager Alina from NGOs CREATIVITAS – all the documents have been sorted out in a few days. She also, have pointed to me some observations and suggestions, what was and still is very valuable.

It took less than a week, I have found myself in Leon, in the beautiful north of Spain. Cozy old town, cozy and warm, delicious food (not easy to be a vegetarian here). This city is famous for the fact that it passes through the pilgrimage route, and Leon streets constantly full of “holy way” of passing tourists.

Along with Rebecca (another volunteer from Hungary) we are doing EVS in student organization. Rebecca administrating office, and I “write” them projects, that the organization would receive funding from the EU and the EYF and other programs. AEGEE-Leon is working closely with the University’s International Affairs Department, so our activities also, include organizing of events for Leon foreign university students (about three hundred people).

The European Voluntary Service is a great opportunity to change the environment and learn many new things, broaden horizons and not only. Also, to experience a different culture and to create something beautiful. Why it is worth to do EVS? Here you learn to understand new culture and environment, you get a great opportunity to learn to listen – not only others, but also yourself, which is a key condition for personal development.

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