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Creativitas invites organisations to join seminar about gamification in non-formal education context. We are applying for a seminar to Erasmus+

gamification GAME ON: greater engagement with game design

Group size: up to 24 participants, up to 4 participants/country
Dates: first week of December 2014, up to 5 days (excluding travel days)
Place: Vilnius region, Lithuania

Our idea

Gamification is a process of applying game elements in non-game environments. Gamification is a concept that promises a great engagement in any activity. What about learning? We are a team of non-formal education practitioners who are interested in exploring further how non-formal learning practices can benefit from gamification. We aim to reflect and exchange our practices, learn from other professionals, explore relevant researches and theories, develop further our practices.

And we are…

…trainers and facilitators of learning. We have experience in developing gamified learning activities, but we are still on the way exploring the concept of gamification. NGO Creativitas team in cooperation of Association of Non-formal Education in Lithuanian started to spread the word of this fun, playful and engaging concept in the field of education.

Currently we are involved in implementing UNIQUE Learning Badges (http://www.learningbadges.eu) project.  This innovative project brought us to the concept and practice of gamification – using game design principles and elements to improve the engagement in various fields of human practices.

We are curious and interested to explore how we can improve our working practices using the best from the game world.

What if gamification is the future of non-formal education? Then trainers and facilitators in the field need some superpowers. Let’s bring it to the next level!

NGO Creativitas is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that has a mission to contribute to the development of continuous learning, open and tolerant society, which would be able to design innovative solutions in order to cope with emerging social challenges.

Organisations and Participants

We are looking for organisations and people who:

  • Are interested to explore and learn about gamification
  • Work in the field of training, non-formal education and youth work
  • Willing to contribute to the content of the seminar
  • Wish to experiment with gamification in their field of practice


We would like to build the programme together with partners. Tell us your ideas!  Some of our ideas for activities during the seminar:

  • Getting to know each other, our working practices, links to gamification
  • Gamification at its core: theoretical models, practical examples, expert inputs
  •  Looking at the benefits of gamification and links with training, non-formal education and youth work
  • Using gamification to improve our working practices
  •  Future opportunities and cooperation


We are planning to apply for Erasmus+ programme. Therefore all the programme costs will be fully covered. The travel costs will be covered according to Erasmus+ fixed travel amounts depending on your travel distance.

NOTE: You will need a PIC number to be a partner in ERASMUS+ programme project. Please register to have the number for the application form! Check out this link: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/pp-pic_en.html or ask your National Agency for support.

We will need your signed and scanned mandate form sent by email latest on 20th  March 2014 12:00 noon time CET

By replying to gamification@creativitas.lt please briefly answer following questions:

  1. Please briefly present the partner organisation?
  2. What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this application?
  3. What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?

For further questions and mandate please contact project coordinators

Agne Rapalaite
Nerijus Kriauciunas
Laimonas Ragauskas

by gamification@creativitas.lt