Starting mobility project ‘YOUTH.INFO – Peer-to-peer in the youth information work’

Starting mobility project ‘YOUTH.INFO – Peer-to-peer in the youth information work’ 3963 2633 adminas

We are happy to launch long-term project ‘YOUTH.INFO – Peer-to-peer in the youth information work’ as a follow-up of NGO Creativitas initiative for international YIntro training in 2013 November.

We noticed, that in countries, where youth information and counseling is making the first steps and is not well recognized (lack of political, financial support) we need to look for other ways and forms how to approach young people and ensure information and counseling service. We also noticed that organisations working in this field for many years use peer-to-peer methods to empower youngsters to inform their peers about topics that they matter about and at the same time open unlimited opportunities for their personal development.

We have invited 7 partners from Luxembourg, Portugal, Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, in total 24 participants to join a new type of training format, where both 1) youth information workers and 2) their volunteers/youth leaders (peers) come together and simultaneously discover the potential of using peer-to-peer education from both perspectives.

Dates: Training course – 2-8th March (2nd and 8th are travel days), 2015; evaluation meeting – 24-28th June 2015 (24th and 28th travel days).

Place: Training centre “Daugirdiškes”, Vilnius region, Lithuania

OBJECTIVES of the long-term training course project:

– to improve quality of youth information work and expand the variety of methods used to deliver youth information and counseling service

– to provide youth information workers with competences needed for motivating, organizing, facilitating and mentoring peer-to-peer groups in youth information and counseling work

– to empower youngsters to recognize information needs of their peers and provide them with skills to implement different informing and counseling activities

After the evaluation meeting we plan to design a compilation of recommendations of how peer-to-peer can be used in youth information and counseling  work in Europe.

Learning achievements of participants will be recognised with Open badges and Youthpass certificate!

Looking forward for a great cooperation and successful outcomes!

Project funded by EU programme Erasmus+