Rasa’s EVS story from Portugal

Rasa’s EVS story from Portugal 1964 561 adminas

„Rasa, when you gonna grow up?“

It was one of the questions, what people were asking me when I decided to quit my job and go for EVS. And I guess I already have an aswer to it – NEVER!

I dare to say, that EVS experience gave me more, than school and university both together.

How come? Easy. I barely can remember all the things I studied at Uni, but during my EVS i lerant things, that changed my personality. Understanding people without words (when you have any languages you know in camon, you have to start to learn and use body language ☺ ). People that I met, with all deferent backgrounds, from totally different cultures, they gave me so much, that I can not even describe in words.

And I have to admit, that not all experience was easy. I struggled with homesick, with unability to explain myself because of the language barrier, with the way I used to work before, the way I used to comunicate with people. And its all about growing, so I hope I will never grop up and will never loose the need to explore everything around me.

So difficult to be concrete while talking what I learnt during my EVS, but lets try.

So, Portugal! Wonderful country with super difficult leanguage (at least for me). By wonderful I mean everything – people, culture, traditions..