Open badges

At NGO Creativitas we use Open digital badges to value and recognise learning during our activities. Watch video ‘What is a Badge? to learn more about how Open digital badge make education evolve.

Digital badges are visual representation of learning and achievements. They are micro-credetials that include meta-data with specific information about learning outcomes, participation or achievement. We use Open digital badges to support participants’ reflection and learning process. Participtans’ feedback shows that majority of them appreciate and benefit from useing these digital badges.

At NGO Creativitas we craft, manage and promote Open digital badges. We offer well-planned badge pathways using Badgecraft badge issuing platform to manage any achievement using Open digital badges.. A person who earns a badge, later can decide to to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or add to a CV or portfolio at Badgecraft.

VŠĮ Creativitas is using platform and mobile application BadgeWallet