Mariami EVS story in Biržai

Mariami EVS story in Biržai 150 150 Creativitas

My name is Mariami Sharmiashvili. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Georgia. Currently I’m volunteering in the kindergarten “Drugelis”, in Biržai, Lithuania. My activities are related to kids : playing, exercising, dancing, drawing, making decorations etc. Before coming here I knew that I loved kids, but here I realized that working with them is also very nice and includes responsibility. Belive me, this is really interesting job, you can’t imagine how many things is possible to learn from them. Here I improve my dancing, drawing, decorating skills, it’s funny but really important for kids.

I’m living in Biržai, it is a very beautiful and quiet town. I moved here from Georgia’s capital, so it is challenge for me to live in a really small town, without noise, without too many people and cars. I love walking, so here I have opportunity to walk a lot and breath fresh air.

Living without your family, your friends and your daily life isn’t very easy. First time was really hard for me. All the time I was thinking about my family, friends and life which I left behind me in my county, but then everything changed, I realized that here I have a new family and by this I mean another volunteers. They are my friends and the family at the same time. We are here six, from different countries and backgrounds so living together is really interesting. We are sharing our experiences, spending free time together… For me this is a very nice part of being here.

I already spent four months here and learned a lot about the history and culture of Lithuania. I’m really happy that I have opportunity to celebrate Lithuanian holidays and follow Lithuanian traditions.

EVS is a great way to discover yourself, figure out where you want to be, what you want or not… I think it’s really important to spend time abroad with another volunteers to explore and see yourself from another side, find your new skills. It’s a way to get to know that world is too small and available for your dreams.

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