Manuel, EVS volunteer in Vabalninkas and his impressions

Manuel, EVS volunteer in Vabalninkas and his impressions 2048 1356 Creativitas


My decision about come to Lithuania and participate in a EVS project just took two minutes, after my first EVS in Croatia I knew that I’m done for EVS and EVS is done for me.

Of course Lithuania is too much different if you compare with my homeland, but fortunately I had the chance to travel in north Europe before so the shock was not so hard, anyway the daily routine is always showing me something new, so it is interesting and exciting, especially when I had the chance to visit different cities (I especially love Vilnius).But every light have its shadow, and in this case is about the weather, its different I can not complain about that, snow is funny sometimes, but some days I really miss the Sun.

But every experience is different and all the places are not the same, so right now I find myself in a different situation as I did expect. I can not see that as a problem, I see an opportunity to still growing as person and to improve and learn new skills.


Everything started 2 months ago, I was arriving to Lithuania having the idea to be volunteer in a youth center, and until today that is my day by day (not always) and during this time I realize that I learnt some unexpected skills.
I can deal with kids as I never did before, being their friends but also showing authority when its necessary( to be honest mostly of the kids are nice so its not usual to show authority).

Also during these months I learned basic Lithuanian language, which is useful to communicate with the people and win (sometimes) a smile in the supermarket.


Of course I’m improving my English because I’m using it everyday.
In the center I feel lucky because sometimes I have got even time to play some music with the guys who are there, so also during this 2 months I practice some music.

Also, I feel that it is important to speak about the on arrival training that we, all the EVS volunteers, did in Molėtai. After those days mostly of us still in contact and we are good friends, I hope during a lot of years more