Free EVS vacancies in Lithuania

Free EVS vacancies in Lithuania 318 159 Creativitas

Free vacancies for EVS volunteers in Lithuania

1. Family education and leisure time centre „Aš Jis”

Family education and leisure time centre „Aš Jis” in Vabalninkas (Biržai region).

In Vabalninkas are 1200 inhabitants. Family education and leisure time center every day meet 40 and more kids and youngsters who are coming after school.

There are many different spaces where it is possible to implement activities interesting for them: equipped sport hall, meeting hall, dinning room and kitchen, hand craft room and ect. At the moment in the center works 2 employees who are ensuring center’s care and daily work. It is hard to organize workshops every day, to stay in different places at the same time, to organize activities for different age kids and youngsters, to suggest them music or art activities. So this would be volunteers tasks. Also, volunteers will help in camps or hikes during the summer, winter, autumn and spring holidays. Volunteers initiative and experience in various activities are welcome in this Family education and leisure time centre „Aš Jis”

2 long term (12 months) EVS volunteers from 2016 January.

2. Biržai region museum

Museum is located in Biržai. There are 25000 inhabitants in Biržai. Town is very know because of some reasons: the karst process around and in Biržai, Cows cave, castle in which is museum located, craft brewing and beers, the longest bridge in Lithuania through lake, patented game monteball and ect.

At the moment in Biržai region museum are different activities and programmes implemented and suggested for the visitors of the castle. Different expositions, educative programs about brewing, ruines of casle, historical interactive movies in screens, anciens table and outside games, expositions of arsenal, festivals, music evenings and varous events.
Museum has 45 employees who works in different fields of the museum: visitors, programs promotion, technical part, exhibits care and ect.

Volunteers responsibilities in the project: children care, while parents taking part in educational programmes, excursions in native language, translation of information, programs and museums activities promotion, closer contact with local education institutions: schools, kinder gardens, vocational school, technical help in exhibits storage, initiatives of volunteers are very welcome in the museum, too.

2 long term (12moths) EVS volunteers from 2016 January.

3. Biržai Kaštonų primary school

In the school are nearly 400 school children from Biržai and its district. Half of pupils are coming to this school from villages around Biržai. As each school it is taking care about pupils education and knowladge gaining. Time to time school is organizing events, camps, disco’s or other leisure time activities, but this is not a priority of the school.
Team of the school can suggest many interesting activities for volunteers: leisure time organizing for the pupils before and after lessons while they are waiting for the bus to get back home, or when they are brought earlier, before lessons starts. Also, there are many possibilities to organize events, caraokes, quizzes, during the brakes or teachers meetings. Volunteers will help for smaller kids to prepare their homeworks, speak and practice English. School is famous in Lithuania for its sports achievements, volunteers could suggest and promote some new sports activities, the ones are popular in their own countries. Volunteers presentations of culture, county, food and ect. are very welcome as well as initiatives.

2 long term (12 months) EVS volunteers from 2016 January.

4. NGO “Vaiko užuovėja”

Non profit, public body organization. Main aim of organization to take care of orphanage. At the moment in the house lives 23 kids, from 4 months to 18years. They have three groups for smallest, middle age and the oldest. 18 employees are working in the organization: director, social workers, technical stuff, psychologist and ect.

They have living rooms, 2-3 kids in each, 3 kitchens, playing space, meeting hall, library, computers room and ect. Also, there are enough space for activities outside: yard, playing ground for football and basketball, garden where they are growing some vegetables.

Need of volunteer: 2 longterm (12months) volunteers from 2016 Janualy

Possible activities: help in taking care of smallest children: feeding, playing with them, reading tales, making body massage or exercises.

Helping middle age, 7-12years old, kids to prepare home works, to teach English language, to organize events and leisure time activities for them and together with them.

Helping for most old children leisure time, teach English language, present volunteers culture and country. Futher more, organize hikes or events for or with kids in and out orphanage.

Organization has previous experience of 2 EVS volunteers, who were doing long term EVS. Organization is educated and now about progamme philosophy and learning process of volunteer. Stuff of organization are prepared and understand what is the purpose of volunteers in organization and willing them to help to learn, work with volunteers learning skills.

Profile of volunteers: active in sports and playing some music instruments would be preferable.

Write the title of EVS place and sent your Motivation letters and CV to the following email:
Deadline for volunteers motivation letters and CV 26th August 2015.