Inspiring places for inspiring ideas

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Recently I have noticed that when people ask, where do I live, I get confused. At this moment? In Beijing!… Tomorrow? In Spain! Next week? In Georgia. And then… Who knows? At least I come from Lithuania. World does not seem to be too big to catch-up with people. And my work becomes more and more diverse. Even though I work on a project with my Lithuanian colleagues, I am in Germany, one of the colleagues is in Indonesia, another in Lithuania and that works very well!

Being a part of international project “LSD – Learning for Sustainable Development” crossed mine and Giedre’s pathways and the Great Wall of China for planning inspiring ideas. On one side – how to take the best from my starting job-shadowing activity in CANGO organization in Beijing and on the other side – how to plan and organize an inspiring time for the young job-shadower form Indonesia who will come to Lithuania in June.

Two Lithuanians on the Great wall of China planning Indonesian’s job-shadowing in Lithuania..? That is what I am talking about. Believe me or not, but inspiring surrounding brings inspiring ideas! Ready – Steady – Go!

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Inspiring place for inspiring ideas

Do you have a place that inspires you the most? Agnė Agne Rapalaite, as a part of international project “LSD – Learning for Sustainable development” is doing her job-shadowing in CANGO (Chinese Association for NGOs Cooperation) in Beijing. During her 21-day activity she brings her insights about learning, facilitation, cultural aspects and organizational management in terms of non-formal education practices in Europe and Asia. Project funded by EU programme “Youth in Action”. NGO Creativitas in partnership with NGO “Self-fish” implements this project in Lithuania. More blog posts from project participants soon on