Gamification and Open Badges in the seminar GAME ON

Gamification and Open Badges in the seminar GAME ON 1708 1364 adminas

Participants explored theoretical models, practical examples about gamification; looked at the benefits of gamification and links with training, non-formal education and youth work. After intensive exploration of the limitless possibilities of game design they developed concepts how to use1532140_1015533455130644_1761337465868655827_n gamification to improve their working practices.

Gamification was applied as the basis of their learning during the seminar itself, so participants could explore technology usage in gamified learning processes. They also planed future cooperation and showcased good practices from partner organisations in this field.

Seminar aimed to explore the meaning, purpose and benefits of gamification in the field of education; to learn from existing European practices of gamified non-formal learning and training experiences; and explore various ideas for greater youth engagement and innovation in non-formal education and youth work through gamification.

Open Badges system and badge booklet can be named as a good practice example in our international youth work and this seminar. Open Badges were used to support participants’ reflection and learning process. Feedback collected at the end of the seminar showed that majority of participants appreciated and benefited from the use of badges.


Badge system of the seminar Game On:

Game On Badge System

Reflection booklet:

badge reflection booklet2 badge reflection booklet


List of resources on Gamification Design collected in preparation for the seminar is very practical and useful for further development. People outside of the seminar can have an extensive overview of the up-to-date resources on Gamification Design.

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