My experience in “Hi-5” project in Birzai, Lithuania. Helping in an orphanage

My experience in “Hi-5” project in Birzai, Lithuania. Helping in an orphanage 150 150 Creativitas

Doing an European Volunteer Service (EVS) project is one of this kind of experience that can divide your life in two sides, before or after doing that. It is not only a one experience, it is a full life of experiences content in every and single day. When you pass for happiness, melancholy, homesick and excitement. All together and some times mixed in same day.

When you chose a place and a project, you are doing an election that will determined yourself for all your life. You start in a place by zero, and then when you realize you have a family in the place you live. In my case, I can say I was really lucky. We are six volunteers in Birzai, and I consider them as my “Savanoriai” family. We plan trip sorround Europe, we cook and enjoy together; learning from the different backgrounds we have inside us. Because of this mutual net that involve us we try to help each others in every challange appears in front of us. Such as family does.

I am thankful of the place and the opportunity I have here. Not only working in an orphanage – “Vaiko Uzuoveja”, but also in Birzai Museum, Taking Center – “Pagalbas centras”, youth center and others. So,it is richer my experience thanks to my learning path.

My activities in general are related with children: games, sports, cooking, dancing, decoration and long etcetera. Because most of the time it was winter in Lithuania, I have been really improving my skills as cooker and with decorator. I didnt feel before so self-confident of myself as nowadays inside a kitchen. Case of Taking Center, volunteer cooks every day for 20-30 kids. This food makes differences to have a warm food at the end of the day for a children coming from families with less resources. I receive as a gift that they make my thankful helping them. That is one of the best feeling working as volunteer. When you see a result of your daily work.

And I know that is only the beginning of my project. I am really looking forward to the future is coming.
Regards from Lithuania,
Álvaro Alonso

Projektas finansuotas Erasmus + Europos Savanorių Tarnybos programos.