EVS volunteer from SPAIN needed, from 2018.03-2018.10!

EVS volunteer from SPAIN needed, from 2018.03-2018.10! 400 267 Creativitas

Biržai regional park is searching EVS volunteer from Spain, to do EVS from 2018 March till 2018 October.

The main role of volunteers in Biržai regional park will be assistance or helper as the volunteer won’t be professional. The activities in which volunteers will be involved: working with tourists – children, families, youth in visitor center and in all regional park territory; help organizing various events; also volunteers will help to implement international projects. http://www.birzuparkas.lt/

The activities in which volunteers will be involved:
1. Biržai regional park participates in various projects, so volunteers could help organizing various events in park territory; also volunteers could help to implement international projects, their activities.
2. Specialists also need a help in the office. All ideas are welcomed, especially about education programmes, excursions, brochures, web page, Facebook page. During winter season there is a need to make or renew brochures, leaflets, maps, to create new education programmes, excursions.
3. Every year park specialist’s carry out visitors monitoring. Four days per month (in summer season) it is needed to count all visitors in 4 mostly visited places.
4. Helping in nature monitoring. Every year park specialists have to check reserves in regional park territory. Participating in these activities volunteers will learn more about rare species and habitats. Every year we need to monitor some species, so after learning to recognize, volunteers could monitor them. Also every year we need to monitor sinkholes, so volunteers could monitor them too.
5. Biržai regional park has to organize some events in regional park or in Biržai town. Volunteers could help organize events about regional park, also they can organize an event about themselves, to present their country, culture and so on.
6. Several times in a year specialists are going to other regional or national parks in all Lithuania to change experience about work. Volunteers will be able to participate in meetings, show knowledge about Biržai Regional Park and introduce their selves, their country and Erasmus+ programme.
7. Working with tourists in visitor center and in all regional park territory. During tourism season (May-September) volunteers will be able to help specialists to meet visitors, assist in excursions
8. Biržai regional park has to make presentations, lessons in schools. Volunteers can make an integrated lesson about Biržai regional park in English/Russian language in schools in Biržai, Rokiškis, Kupiškis and Pasvalys districts. As Biržai regional park is located or has some reserves in these districts.

Requirements for volunteers:
• To be interested in nature and work with nature projects.
• To have a wish to create cooperation with other organization and be ready to create common activities.
• To have good communication skills.
• To have ideas and practice in organizing hikes and implementation of other activities.
• To be able to speak English.
• Willing to learn Lithuanian language, discover culture and nature, to create friendship with local community.

More information about costs, please find in attachment:
Project description Regional park1

Deadline for applicants: 2018.01.20
Sent your CV and motivation letter to the following address: vilma@creativitas.lt or info@creativitas.lt
More information ask: vilma@creativitas.lt