Arnel’s opinion about EVS after 2 months in Lithuania

Arnel’s opinion about EVS after 2 months in Lithuania 471 505 Creativitas

On arrival training

EVS volunteer in Vabalninkas from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

My EVS journey started at the moment when I decided to apply for a project of 10 months in Lithuania. Knowing almost nothing about the country, knowing little about the project and even not being sure if this EVS would be right for me, it was a step into the unknown land. Facing many unexpected situations at the beginning of my EVS, I gained a flexible attitude. I started realizing that it’s impossible to plan every possible situation or outcome of my decisions beforehand. This way I gained another perspective of life. My EVS experience is also teaching me to be more tolerant. I gained a better understanding towards other people. I am still somehow shocked by the different mentality, culture and living habits of Lithuanians. European Voluntary Service in Lithuania is showing me that if you take risks, if you get out of your ‘comfort zone’, at the end it pays back.

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